Escape to the Muffy Zone!

Wow! Sure nice get out of the heat!! Feeling those evil Repuklican eyes staring at me wondering if the Neanderthals will gang up on me in the restroom!

Fears of my Kerry Edwards sign being further ripped to shreds

a flag standing ground through the swarm of redneck bubbamentalism

filling the air with stupefying ignorance

a deadly pollution of the mind

closed to different thought

through out Bubbaland!

Garvald escapes to the KC comfort zone

of intellectual thought that feels warm to his soul

the center of America

a haven for eccentric thinking

"thou shalt not talk politics

thou shalt only listen to thy minister"

escape from the Okie Inquistion!

Muffy rolls her eyes'

"You think you're gonna write a book with that shit?"


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