Did rednecks question the manhood of Gandi, Buddha and Jesus Christ because they were pacifists?

Dear anonymous neighbor,
I presume that this is my neighbor that questioned my manhood but you did not have the courage to say who you are. All three of you in this family moved into the neighborhood less than 2 years ago and the chairman, if that is you, and apparently took over the neighborhood. At first, I enjoyed your gregariousness and sociability regardless of your very loud and abrasive nature. I was going to rent to someone else for a year, but as a favor to you, I gave a substantial discount on the rent, if things were going to be fixed up. Instead many things went wrong and things were not fixed and the place was left with many things wrong including a whole in the wall and burned carpet and a dishwasher that no longer works.
I was left with many repairs and things not working that were working when I had left. It was my fault to not have things put in writing and your brother was only going to stay until the spring.

You wrote this to me:
"I haven't been to this site in some time because frankly I don't care to. I was surprised to see how many times you've mention the chairman. Do you stand up and say these things to his face."

I will not talk to you because of your violent nature. I have had a relatively healthy life avoiding getting physical. If that is your violent nature to handle things physically rather than peaceful negotiation I feel sorry for you and have no respect for you just as you have continued to be disrespectful, angry and loud to me.

"I don't think so. You are no measure of a man."

I suppose you feel that you feel the same way about men that chose to do things peacefully and abhor violence. There a many men out there that chose to talk peacefully (without becoming angry and loud).

"All of your problems are self generated. You're a common thief. Keeping things (TV and DVD player) that don't belong to you is stealing. You can't justify it by saying it's return for the tenant paying leaving a bill. That's illegal. You are not allowed by law to do that."

It is stealing to walk away from rent and the summers ac bill. It is stealing to hook up natural gas illegally and get gas for free. It is stealing when items are taken such as trash cans without asking. It is stealing to take liberties with another neighbor's property.

"I'd advise you to leave the chairman out of the mindless dribble you post on this site. You're making it personal and that's not smart."

Please do not threaten me. I do no want to be intimidated from going outside in my own neighborhood. You are a violent family so please stay away from me.

You chose to make this your own personal matter instead of your "brother" who acts like a child and you act as you are his parent when he is well over 40 by fighting his battles. Or is because he will also become physically aggressive when he can't control his anger.

You do many things illegally and have an obsession with guns which makes me nervous and question the safety of the neighborhood. It is a free country unless Bush gets reelected and he will do many things under the guise of the "patriot act" to take away our freedoms such as prevent these bloggers from getting out information. This is a great outlet and tool for communication to prevent corrupt people from getting away with injustice. This is my own personal tool for writing. I will continue to write. I am sorry that the word, chairman, bothers you but I will continue to write with whatever tools I have whether it be a blog or only a pen or pencil. I do not like injustice and I will write about that or whatever that I feel like writing about. I actually feel much safer with pens than guns. That is my opinion and you can start a website and say anything that you like. That is the wonderful freedom that we have in the free world. The government (esp. Karl Rove intimidates the media) would love to censor us and prevent us gaining information about what is truly going on in the world.

I have the courage to be honest and bare my soul to anyone that wants to read my material. I agree that I have made many choices that are wrong and have the option to respond to amateur shrinks that make comments that are ignorant.
You do not have to read my site just as you don't have to listen to Rush Limbaugh or Howard stern.

As far as my physical safety is concerned and public harassment in front of neighbors, that goes way beyond the tolerance that a free person has to endure. Do not knock on my door or bother me anymore. Stay away from me and my property. Do not steal my garbage cans.


  1. Your neighbor isn't the one who wrote to you earlier. It sure seems you have issues. I'm just someone who happens on to your once in a while. You need to take a step back and not be so paranoid. No wonder you have issues.

  2. Let me clarify a few things for you. My earlier comments where opinions that I share. I have made those opinions by reading your postings. I could be wrong or I could be right only you know. By having your site you invite feedback and that's what I was giving you. I stumbled upon your site while surfing and check it from time to time. You shouldn't assume or presume anything unless you KNOW it for a fact. That's just another opinion. The only reason I'm even responding to you about this at all is that it seems YOU have anger issues you might want to look into.


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