Debating about Spookstock??

Garvald loves this area of pristine wilderness in the Ozarks of Missouri where he migrates for schwag gatherings.(Schwagstock) Maybe it will be a precelebratory event for the Kerry campaign?? Garvald cannot see the signs that his state of chosen unemployment bothers Muffy and so she pushes him to go to this playground of his.

A full moon is out tonight :(
Garvald fails to connect with her anymore. His dry humor only appears to get on her nerves. She becomes tired of his mental disability, his poor listening skills, his lack of focus and his "spare tire". She denigrates his lack of organization in his life, his teaching then finally puts down his lovemaking. He slowly learns that she will never be into the idea of this website evolving into a book. He wondered why she even asked him to come up?

Muffy condescendingly responds,
"It was only because I felt sorry for you living with all those rednecks."

Garvald packs and is about to leave, when she starts crying and appreciates him tolerating all of her anger.

He takes her downtown for dinner and then she discards him in the middle of the night.

He prepares himself for the spookstock for a fun weekend of schwaggers and schwagmaidens in their costumes to help lift the old man out of his mid-life crisis that has been opened up before the whole world of cyberspace.
He hopes that his once and future soulmate might rescue him when she discovers this site and the words that are beckoning her to him.
This soulmate of his dreams would always be comforting and supporting.
She understands him and has the same hopes and dreams.
(and does not think of him as just a crazy old fool with a "spare tire")


  1. Maybe, I'll be able to write more later when I'm in a more cannabized state. After the elections, everything will be anticlimactic in the hopefully peaceful eviction of Bush and the Stepford servants from the Caucasian House .

    The big day is Tuesday. Maybe elevating my spirits in the Land of Schwag, where I have hopes that the human race will eventually live in peace and harmony, will
    help me deal with coming back to reality after the election.

    Either way, for my own safety, I will keep a low profile in front of rednecks in Oklahoma pubs as they will want to take their aggravations out on me if Bush gets fired! :)

    more later

  2. Muffy says: Enjoy Spookstock. Who is John Galt?

  3. Muffy says: Please be careful how you quote and misquote me, your literary license is set to expire soon. You may still speak of my bitchiness in general terms though, of course! Your perceptions, however deluded, are so entertaining (sometimes) to read, and I hope you don't go back to the Okie Zone until you've soaked up all the yin it's going to take to spread your soulful, ecological, political yang to the natives. For your own safety.

  4. thanks was literary licence...and according to Bubba arent u just fictitious??


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