Anger Management!

What is the psychology of getting angry?

It becomes difficult accepting another persons' interpretation of our own behavior.

We raise our voices.

We become defensive.

It is difficult looking another person in the eye without getting into the fight/flight mood of nature.

Our blood pressure rises and we are prepared to become violent or run away.


  1. I nominate Jon Liebermann of Sinclair Broadcasting, Person of the Week. He was fired this week for his journalistic integrity in protesting the airing of the anti-Kerry "documentary". They weren't just going to air it, but called in their news staff to cut, edit, arrange, and package the film into a BOGUS news program type format! He spoke out publicly and was shitcanned, he endorses neither candidate, only fair, honest journalism. He's our Whistleblower of the Week! Muffy

  2. right on, Muffy!'
    Power to the pople! its amazing how many in oklahoma are so prolife and yet so pro listening to this brad carson (conservative dem) and Coburn, a very right wing wing ding republican!


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