18 more days before we give him the eviction notice!

48 to 48 with Nader getting 1% for the 2nd day in a row according to ABC ( a big crap). If only these right wing news stations weren't so afraid to tell the truth like they are overseas (Australia). All foreigners that I meet in my travels seem to know more about the corruption in this government than the normal Joe.

I'm still hanging out here with far more positive Kerry vibes than I would in the dreaded Okie Zone. I know that I will have to face the ire of the zone but I want to survive till at least after the election so I know whether or not Armegeddon for the human race is around the corner when angry postal immigrants leave their pizza huts and dominoes to go shoot people with the oozis (spelling?) that they were able to get thanks to George and his NRA (National Redneck Association) lobby sleeping buddies who let it pass after all the previous work to prevent them from getting on the market!

George never put any thought in how we are just breeding angry young Arabs in Iraq and other countries when we never had to be there. Bush took all out attention away from failing to trap Bin Laden to getting revenge for his father's embarrasment.

The more, that I read about all the dirty tricks from Rove, the more I feel the need to let others know. Even though, I am registered for Oklahoma, I want to be in a place with positive Kerry Vibes so we can celebrate a change from the most evil regime that this country has ever had.
Watch everyday, readers, how we are bombarded by ads, capitalism and big business trying to control our lives. This administration is more into sleeping with the big lobbys and the rich than ever before! We have to do everything to prevent the powerful rich from keeping away our freedoms by keeping us poor and ignorant!

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  1. Muffy and I just saw this video on Karl Rove. The real Dr Frankenstein behind the monster! See "George Bush's Brain". It tells even more than Moore!


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