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Debating about Spookstock??

Garvald loves this area of pristine wilderness in the Ozarks of Missouri where he migrates for schwag gatherings.(Schwagstock) Maybe it will be a precelebratory event for the Kerry campaign?? Garvald cannot see the signs that his state of chosen unemployment bothers Muffy and so she pushes him to go to this playground of his.

A full moon is out tonight :(
Garvald fails to connect with her anymore. His dry humor only appears to get on her nerves. She becomes tired of his mental disability, his poor listening skills, his lack of focus and his "spare tire". She denigrates his lack of organization in his life, his teaching then finally puts down his lovemaking. He slowly learns that she will never be into the idea of this website evolving into a book. He wondered why she even asked him to come up?

Muffy condescendingly responds,
"It was only because I felt sorry for you living with all those rednecks."

Garvald packs and is about to leave, when she starts crying and ap…

The Hobbit Woman!

Scientists uncover possible new species of human
Dwarf skeleton is 18,000 years old
Wednesday, October 27, 2004 Posted: 7:09 PM EDT (2309 GMT)

Professor Chris Stringer shows a cast of a skull of Homo floresiensis, a newly-discovered species.

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The discovery: The bones of a human dwarf species marooned on the remote Indonesian island of Flores between 95,000 and 12,000 years ago while modern humans rapidly developed elsewhere.
Best specimen: One tiny adult female, measuring about 3 feet tall.
Implications: Flores Man smashes the conventional wisdom that modern humans began to crowd out other upright-walking species 160,000 years ago.
Skeptics: Some researchers say Flores Man doesn'…

To Catch a "Common Thief"

Verses an Aristocratic well educated white collar thief?

Or then there is the blond Caucasian crank head wearing a blue bandanna.
Garvald had arrived late about 3am at Muffy's after procrastinating and still forgetting most of his clothes and his electric toothbrush. :(
She wakes up to catch him piggin’ out on her enchilada mixture warmed up in the mwave,
Coming down the stairs, she greets him with,

"Don't Kiss me with your enchilada face!"

Garvald realizes she's in one of her moods :(.
The dejected man goes outside to get the rest of his baggage. He sees at what he first thinks is a very large raccoon and realizes what it is! A common crank head with a blue woolen cap over it's short blond hair.

Garvald goes into his cro-Magnon instinctive nature becoming the survivalistic werewolf/caveman where adrenaline is pumped throughout all of his limbs and his 6-4 frame. All he sees is prey that is stealing from his Muffy and it has something valuable in his hands…

"Outfoxed"{ this if you want to know how you are manipulated by the media!

Outfoxed the Movie; Showing Fox for the Extreme Right Wing Propaganda Machine it is

By Anthony Wade

The silence remains deafening from the media over the firestorm that should have been Outfoxed. As previously discussed, this documentary sheds light on the fact that not only is the FOX News channel right wing leaning, but they are actually nothing more than a propaganda tool of the Bush White House. Director Robert Greenwald creates a pattern that proves this by using four separate areas. In part one we looked at his use of actual FOX News clips, testimony from former FOX employees, and a study commissioned by Greenwald, conducted by FAIR, which exposed an 83% republican bias on the flagship news program on FOX, Special Report with Brit Hume. For details of these areas, see part one at this link:

This article is examining the fourth area, the internal memos leaked by FOX employees, which clearly show the leaders of FOX News as trying to slant the news. Some may be cur…

Virgil's Comment

Hey freakshow, I don't care if you believe me or not. What book is it you're going to send? You really are from another world if you think anyone would publish you.
# posted by Anonymous : 10/25/2004 08:14:07 AM

"I almost wish I was I was from another world, the way you behave!"
Garvald replies.

Muffy replies,
"You are the one to talk about behavior getting kicked out of Bars!(in her hypoglygemic hurry ur ass up moment)

"The funny part about this obnoxious drivel that you spew across this site is how many times you mention the various people that would like to kick your ass."

Virgil, you have used the word "drivel" or "dribble" several times. I appreciate you adopting a word I used in my delf deprecating humor.
Which one is it?
Running down a basketball court or left over saliva?

Vigil responds in a louder more guttural octave,
"I would say there is approximately 30 to 40 percent of your postings mention a situation tha…

Escape to the Muffy Zone!

Wow! Sure nice get out of the heat!! Feeling those evil Repuklican eyes staring at me wondering if the Neanderthals will gang up on me in the restroom!

Fears of my Kerry Edwards sign being further ripped to shreds

a flag standing ground through the swarm of redneck bubbamentalism

filling the air with stupefying ignorance

a deadly pollution of the mind

closed to different thought

through out Bubbaland!

Garvald escapes to the KC comfort zone

of intellectual thought that feels warm to his soul

the center of America

a haven for eccentric thinking

"thou shalt not talk politics

thou shalt only listen to thy minister"

escape from the Okie Inquistion!

Muffy rolls her eyes'

"You think you're gonna write a book with that shit?"

Why do rednecks resort to violence and Neanderthal grunts when they lose arguments?

I have a little more time on this library computer to respond to you and all the anger that is coming to a crescendo as the moon becomes full and emotionally disturbed boys and girls fill up the hospital rooms, drunk tanks and jail cells (for becoming violent defending Dubya's most historically incompetent administration.

After a little taste of Adderall, I am inspired to write many pages to draw as many comments from misinformed plebians as possible. I am very excited that this site is getting so many hits (of course, at least 90% of the comments are from angry rednecks,more than Virgil's guestimation of hostile hits)..... I am trying to concentrate but there a kids having a continual conversation while surfin' the "internets".

I need to get out of here, before the caucasian feces hits the fans....
and talk to folks a little higher on the bell curve and more open minded (the definition for liberal is generous and open minded)

This library puter won't copy V…

My puter is almost as slow as the rednecks at Hudstoned

I am so happy that gentlemen (I use the term "liberal-ly")such as Virgil (Have you read Virgil's "Aneid" about all the angry Greeks that caused a lot of violence? a few thousand years before people knew that rednecks would evolve!)

I am so excited about getting access to a puter that works in the library. It is almost as frustrating as getting good service in a Rebublican bar. (I'll get into being banned for (not!)talking about politics. I was good enough to avoid the word and then got banned because I offered to spell the word "utopia" for the bartender.
The bandana redneck and his wife on the perpendicular corner were screaming at me to not "belittle" him and to "get the fuck out of the bar!". I wasn't doing that. My teacher mode kicks in sometimes on my sabbatical)...

I need to publish this just in case you might be close to your laptop Virg...(I think that you were one of those closet nerds in school that pretended that…

I/2 truths or should I say ignorant shrinks in glass houses

"Your neighbor isn't the one who wrote to you earlier. It sure seems you have issues. I'm just someone who happens on to your (website?) once in a while. You need to take a step back and not be so paranoid. No wonder you have issues."

Dear cowardly man or woman,
Thank you for telling me what I already know. Your syntax actually reminds me of my neighbor when she wrote a nasty comment. If you are not actually the neigbor, I am sorry for suggesting it when it is obvious from the comments that you are. If you are not why not at least tell me a little about yourself before your throw stones and try your best at being at an amateur shrink.

But thankyou for writing and if and when you gain the courage to tell me who you are (private email), I will send you a copy of this book with your sophomoric comments including the one where your friend blew his gasket! I certainly hope that you were telling me not to say chairman unless you might be his wife. She has already sl…

Did rednecks question the manhood of Gandi, Buddha and Jesus Christ because they were pacifists?

Dear anonymous neighbor,
I presume that this is my neighbor that questioned my manhood but you did not have the courage to say who you are. All three of you in this family moved into the neighborhood less than 2 years ago and the chairman, if that is you, and apparently took over the neighborhood. At first, I enjoyed your gregariousness and sociability regardless of your very loud and abrasive nature. I was going to rent to someone else for a year, but as a favor to you, I gave a substantial discount on the rent, if things were going to be fixed up. Instead many things went wrong and things were not fixed and the place was left with many things wrong including a whole in the wall and burned carpet and a dishwasher that no longer works.
I was left with many repairs and things not working that were working when I had left. It was my fault to not have things put in writing and your brother was only going to stay until the spring.

You wrote this to me:
"I haven't been to this site in…


"You have to be the biggest waste of oxygen around. Do the world a favor and take your ass back to Australia. You keep threating to go so go. Maybe they don't want you around either."

I enjoyed a really beautiful day other than leaving an angry emotionally disturbed neighbor screaming cuss words at me because I chose not to listen to him. I enjoyed sleeping till noon and decided to get out and enjoy the sun. The neighbor's dog started barking and the social chairman doing his rounds of visiting the local neighbors a few houses down started screaming epithets towards me for the benefit of the whole street.

Some people just enjoy war and want to go fight. I don't enjoy war or confrontation. When I have the benefit of having an assistant in the classroom and a student becomes verbally ballistic, I just tell the assistant that I'm getting a cup of coffee so as not to give the angry child any attention or positive reinforcement for his uncontrolled temper …


I've been having problems with my blog and getting all that I write published. I noticed there were alot of hits in the last 2 days, especially in the last 12 hours! Maybe, after telling the aol election chat room about my site. It's amazing (right word?) how much better I feel when I can communicate to the whole world (even my Dad and all the Australian relatives if I dare tell them about this site). My biggest concern is that they will know that I ocassionally imbibe in the weed. I'm hoping that this site will help remove some of the stigma about smoking bud. Most marijuana smokers are in the closet (keep it quiet and often don't even want their kids to know about it, when it is far less harmful than cigarettes and far less impact to your reflexes and driving than alcohol). I've been without it for a couple days again and I don't go through withdrawals like you nicotine addicts. I'm sipping this green tea before I go see where I can get an absentee b…

Plans for the adventure or Manana?

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

I know the social chairman is eager for me to go to Australia. I need to buy a laptop, buy a portable camcorder, fix up my roof and get a renter who's good about getting things done. The previous tenant, besides walking off not paying the summer's ac bill, left me a leak in the hot water tap to the master bedroom bath so it uses gas and water. A plumber will charge 50$ just to look at it, but I spend at least 10$ bucks a month with wasted gas and water. It's these little things that get on my nerves and often seem to put me into a "fuck it" state of mind, before I go get a few beers at the "red dog" and go worship the female body with a few 1$ tithes to the temple.

Sometimes, I wish that, Muffy would do a "Vulcan mind meld" with me and give me motivation to work, just to get shit done. She is one high metabolism woman! I only have to feed about every hour or two. (just kidding, she ea…

Welcome back to the Okie Zone!

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

Wow. It is so much of a change coming back to here. Thank God, that I have a friend like Charles in this sea of voluntary ignorance.
It is always great to have a friend to talk to where he won't want to dominate a conversation and keep interupting.

We were having a great conversation about gun control and the fear of terrorists getting access to uzzis. We often have a little chat in the middle of the day over a beer until the other neighborhood social chairman next door decides to interupt.(the whole family appeared to have taken off Tuesday or they must have a very long lunch hour). I won't go into details.

I had it all written down and the puter went down so maybe that was a sign. My horoscope was telling me that I had one chance to settle an issue or there would be an explosion. I guess I blew that chance by just standing ground. Muffy backs me up on this one!

Sometimes, I think it is just safer to just go south fo…

Platonic post is funny!

While I am on this sabbatical/midlife crisis, I am enjoying the search for knowledge for the subject of love. I enjoy meeting my readers occasionally and think about if it was a mistake to bare my soul about love, vulnerabilities, career, organization of my life, embarrassment about mistakes that I continue to make. Right now it's Tuesday morning and it might as well be Sunday as the days drift by with self imposed guilt of not working. Is it me or society that puts this guilt when we don't work or doing something that is not continuing to make us grow as people? I've had a few hits (I sometimes censor myelf over society's views of shwag, especially by the fact that I'm honest to tell you that I'm a teacher and enjoy this sometimes magical herb) and so I'm in a sort of melancholic
relaxed creative state...Sometimes, I feel the magic too and then love to share the words like they are music....but then I censor myself as to how, I will communicate with you wh…

Anger Management!

What is the psychology of getting angry?

It becomes difficult accepting another persons' interpretation of our own behavior.

We raise our voices.

We become defensive.

It is difficult looking another person in the eye without getting into the fight/flight mood of nature.

Our blood pressure rises and we are prepared to become violent or run away.


There are certain types of intelligence.
Some people love to flaunt their knowledge and then lack the common sense to disguise it in front of others.

There are some that are genetically inclined towards becoming teachers.

Some take the chance of risking their safety for intelligence.
Some ask questions that others would never dare ask.

Some use their intelligence to become more powerful regardless of others almost as if life were truly a chess match, sacrificing everything for the sake of checkmate.

Many use intelligence as a way of getting higher on the human pecking order.

But I love intelligence
when it is synchronized
like the surfboard is to the wave
two intelligent minds working together
like a conversation with a common goal
workers together on the same beautiful house with a common theme
so there are not interuptions to the building

one intelligence combines with another...
beautiful minds in harmony
so much that you are both going together with that thought
on th…

Happy Birthday Alene!

I only have 10 minutes to write a post so I'll talk about her energy.
I sometimes feel her presence helping me and giving me guidance.
She's upstairs talking to Mom,
hoping that I'll make the right choices and the ripples created will hopefully help save the world
from destruction, misunderstanding and anger

There will still be life, if we destroy ourselves, but it's a shame that all written word will be left for the insects to devour...

A girl named Phoebe was born on the same day, October 18th, a few years after Alene left me.
Was it coincidence or some twist of fate for her to come into my life for only a few months?
She started calling me "Daddy".
Oh well, I was about to send a birthday card but I was afraid that it would be intercepted again by "grandmommy dearest", who is the matriarch of the family.

It is a shame that there is so much anger and hatred in the world to not let us forgive and love each other. I am hoping that there will be …


It's 115 pm and I know 5 of my readers are eager to hear about Garvald's adventures. My Australian father would always tell Ron and me stories every night religiously before or during a cuddle with Mom. Dad would be in the hall and we both would focus on him and the hall light while we listened from our separate rooms.

I'm upstairs writing while I have a chance before the kids come home.
Muffy's daughter was actually surprised when I gave her cash and a card telling her how I've been hearing great things! She even thanked me. I'm sure she still hates me cuz I'm fat, bald and retarded. This will give me a little time to talk to my friends in cyberspace. I long for these moments with my readers esp after a few tokes :). of creativity!

Dad would always start a story with,
"A long, long time ago in the land of Vithjod" (the name sounded Nordic and magical)

I wish that we had taperecorded all of those great stories and I wish that I could remember som…

I have "Bush's Brain" until noon Sunday! (Karl Rove)

It's Saturday am and no significant dreams that I can remember, but thinking how critical it is that the Americans know the evil behind the scenes. I wish that folks could just read this or watch the documentary about him and how he will win at all costs. He is the DR Frankenstein. Bush did not think that he even had a chance to become governor of Texas. Rove knew exactly where and when to hit below the knees with lies about any candidate that they were running against. Kerry has remained above all of this. Now, I would not be surprised if Pres. Rove is behind telling everyone to make a big deal that Kerry mentioned that Cheney's daughter is a "lesbian" when Cheney already aknowledged it a long time ago to the American public!
Rove is so effective at intimidating press and telling national reporters like Novak what to write! Why is the press not continuing to ask about where George was during Alabama??... yet all they want to do is go on about Kerry's leg…