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Wow! It sure would have been fun to party with Tennis Wimbledon champ, John Newcomb and George Jr! What kind of drugs did they have fun with??
AAh to go back in time and take my camcorder watchin George carouse with the Bubbas in KennyBukport!
WAIT A SECOND?? isnt that what Ted Kennedy did too a few years earlier...Rush and fellow rednecks love to make a stink about Teds drinkin!
What about George Jr....maybe he smoked a few J's when he was doin lines of coke...if hed be honest and try to legalize bud I could tolerate his hypocricy (is that the way its spelled, Harry or do u know what that word is?)


  1. Friends, Romans, Okies, lend me your comments (but, Harry,please, no death threats or gifts of a bullet (ie. outside Harry's Bud'sstoned Pub)

    heres a great article: or site!

  2. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/bushlay1.html


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