Happy Bday, Ronnie! He is 51 today! God, that is old! (lOL)
(and now looking back, Im just 53...seeing those grey/white hairs come out of tanned head as they grow back after being shaved....
Reluctant to call him cuz Im embarassed in a way about jobs...

Early this Am after carousing in pubs where most are less than half my age, I decided to write a little about this amazing dog walking on two legs like a first I thought that it was some sort of paralyzed child and then realized that she was a dog that learned to do that because she was born without front feet and was taught how to walk! Everbody at the apt pool was staring at this amazingly smart and almost human dog! Her expressions were amazingly anthropomorphic. Her name is "Faith" and she has given me hope and not to be always feeling sorry for myself and my situation and then get this kind of Edgar Allen Poe depression where at least I'll enjoy writing about the misery ! :)


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