Butterfly kisses become butterfly waves

I had broken into the old deserted two story fibromansion as a 9 year old child with the tempation of those large Green coke bottles..They would bring enough for two toy soldier and ice cream...
Because of that little incident, you created a future home..
Your parents bought the deserted house perched on top of the dunes
and because of your brother's keen awareness of Greek Architecture,
"Why not name it, "The Parthenon!"
Your curious eyes looked into the future and explored...

Now 42 years later , you have inherited your magical place in OZ! Did you ever think that you wouldn't have been by the beach right now if it were not for your desire for adventure!

Butterfly effect or not???
Sometimes you wonder if u could go back in time...
so many things you could have done differently!....
So you wander aimlessly looking for a place to settle down...

Will you find your Oz??
In search of what ??
....comfort, satisfaction, lost loves to be regained??
...how would it have been if you had been the father to her children
....so many missed roads not taken
all these chances for you to take root as a lost mango waiting....
to sprout its roots
and let the sands accumulate on his spot on his island
his settlement in his favorite lattitude of the tropical waves...
with the right breeze and right humidity for his flowers to finally bloom for her..
but then the Mango fruit gets lost in the winds of fate and destiny....
whichever God or this Universal Energy that created life decided for us ...
happiness, love, family
....could have been yours by taking a road that you did not follow

what love never materialized?
....and to have never known love....
because you werent there....
Like Jimmy Stewart in Pottersville...
how time without someone somewhere
affects the whole community and mushrooms out in many waves...
by taking the road another way or not following it,
you don't let your pursuit of happiness evolve the way u feel the spirits above want you to follow
..they want you to have a happy road
so enjoy that road to happiness Garvald! you'll find your roots!

I was just reading this poem and seeing how prophetic it was when I came back to the land called OZ where I could frolic in the winter mist in a land where I feel accepted

and all the bitterness of angry loves lost gets washed away with the beautiful waves as the sand accumulates beneath the mango roots

8/15/06 revised

10/21/08 summer sosltice revision
Peace baby!


  1. Thanks Leigh Anne and all the help with this website...mind if i keep p;lugging your site?
    Maybe it'll show Larry that we have more than a made up audience..


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