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Life is emptiness and then you find your keys!

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Missing his keys for the last 3 hours while also sorts of "evil" paranoid thoughts as to what could have happened to them transpire!
Garvald looks all around his house and then he thinks they have to be in his bedroom. He lifts his king sized mattress taking up 85% of the "mother in law's" bedroom floor (it used to be Alene's mothers room for more than a decade) so he can find his key. No luck. He resorts to a lick of the few grains left in of one of his adderalls left all over his territory in case he forgets where he left his medication. Garvald has all sorts of ways to cope with his disability. He feels his mind kick in and EUREKA! He thinks to actually look in his shorts that he already crossed off his mind to look in. He thinks,
"If the keys are not in my shorts, then I am as usual shit out of luck! "
The way Murphy's laws ha…

Silk flows by my moon,,,,mmmm

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its august and i am very cannabized right now to show you that i can still spell....
its almost a full moon and the clouds are skimmming over the moon likes shes teasing me with her silk white nighties...
shes looking at me ...
her eyes going deep into my soul and im enjoying her gaze as I envelope her lovely warm rays before the storm of the plains comes beckoning me to her....

before I drive to ....
Mikes!! (the den of ineqity and delciously wicked souls :))
(to be continued)

In a state of Limbaugh or limbo?

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Main Entry: [1]lim·bo
Pronunciation: 'lim-(")bO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural limbos
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin, ablative of limbus limbo, from Latin, border
Date: 14th century
1 : often capitalized : an abode of souls that are according to Roman Catholic theology barred from heaven because of not having received Christian baptism
2 a : a place or state of restraint or confinement b : a place or state of neglect or oblivion c : an intermediate or transitional place or state d : a state of uncertainty

Today (yesterday since its almost 2am!) has been a state of vegetation, depression, inactivity and the Olympics. I wake up to find my ex/tenant did not tell me that he had cut off the water and was nice enough to leave me a 215$ OG&E bill and not pay the last months rent before he stormed out angry at me when I told him that I would…

Its amazing what Hitler could get away with...Power corrupts absolutely!


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green leaders and candidates
are calling national attention to apparent
efforts to intimidate African American voters in

Citing reports in a series of columns by Bob
Herbert of The New York Times that Florida state
troopers are interrogating elderly black voters
on vague charges of 'voter fraud', Greens warn of
a repeat of 2000's manipulation and obstruction
of votes. The Florida Department of Law
Enforcement reports to Gov. Jeb Bush.

"The latest attempt to suppress black votes in
Florida recalls not only 2000, but the history of
obstruction and terrorism of African American
voters in southern states," said Michele
Tingling-Clemmons, co-chair of the Green Party's
national Black Caucus and candidate for city
council (Ward 7) in Washington, D.C. "Bush
supporters are preparing a battery of means to

Why don't the Bubbas censor this national article??

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Lawyer Quits Bush Campaign
Ginsberg Advised Anti-Kerry Group

WASHINGTON (Aug. 25) -- An election lawyer for President Bush who also has been advising a veterans group running TV ads against Democrat John Kerry resigned Wednesday from Bush's campaign.

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''I cannot begin to express my sadness that my legal representations have become a distraction from the critical issues at hand in this election,'' Benjamin Ginsberg wrote in a resignation letter to Bush released by the campaign.

''I feel I cannot let that continue, so I have decided to resign as national counsel to your campaign to ensure that the giving of legal advice to decorated military veterans, which was entirely within the boundaries of the law, doesn't distract from the real issues upon which you and the country should be focusing.''

Ginsberg's acknowledgment Tuesday …

Words from a veteran

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This was from the message board on aol...Where are your sources or do they just fall off the top of your head, Harry?
And why not answer some of these veteran's questions or are you too dogheaded to even go there for fear of knowing you voted for such a crook?

Message 1 of 1333 Subject 2 of 50
Subject: Serious Thoughts here only.
Date: 8/5/2004 6:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Inspmark
MsgId: <>

apparently somehow, the message was deleted ...I guess i have to change the password

Do any of you Brainwashed Rush fans know Pat Buchanan??

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From Pat Buchanan: how neocons are leading conservatives -- and America -- to disaster
And what we must do now to save our country and our cause
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Pat Buchanan's new Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency explores the pressing truth that few others dare to admit: conservatives have lost their way. The pundit and sometime presidential candidate explains how a Republican-controlled capital city whose leaders daily profess their conservatism could preside over the largest fiscal and trade deficits in our history -- and have us mired in a Wilsonian imperial war to force democracy upon an Arab Middle East that has never known it. This book is about a cabal that betrayed conservatism because, from the very beginning, they never believed in it. As Buchanan shows here, they had another agenda all along.

Buchanan courageously argues here that the invasio…


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Wow, Is that your writing, Bubba? Or is it another redneck with occasionally good grammar? But, you still have the common characteristic of going from a universal topic concerning how Bush is pulling the wool over Bubbas' eyes but not the rest of the world to making a personal attack, just the way you hippo critters (check that in ur spell check) love to get personal when your losing an argument. The way you did with Clinton's fellatio (do u know the meaning of this word?) when Bubba Starr had no where to go except complain about oral sex because he never experienced it himself!
Oral sex didn't cost us your children!
My dear Bubbanon, when you show me ur resume like George's then Ill tell you. (Wouldn't it be wonderful if I was just making you up, Bubba the way u sound like a broken record and say I'm making up the few other commentators that this site has).
The way you all criticize and try to take away that Kerry risked his l…


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This individual seeks an executive position. He will be available next January, and is willing to relocate. Should the executive position be unavailable, he can move home and apply for new openings from there.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20520


Law Enforcement:
I was arrested in Kennebunkport, Maine, in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol. I pled guilty, paid a fine, and had my
driver's license suspended for 30 days. My Texas driving record has been "lost" and is not available.

I joined the Texas Air National Guard and went AWOL. I refused to take a drug test or answer any questions about my drug use. By
joining the Texas Air National Guard, I was able to avoid combat duty in Vietnam.

I graduated from Yale University with a low C average. I was a cheerleader.

I ran for U.S. Congress and lost. I began my career in the oil business in Midland, Texas, …

Altered States

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Another gorgeous morning. Saw Tommy and Valli at Ripper Park playing tennis. Its amazing how we were all playing doubles together there more than 20 years ago! I'm missing the Olympics but its such a gorgeous day. And yes, I do make spelling errors when I have a buzz,
Anon (short for anonymous). Should I capitalize at the start of a sentence?

Monday, August 23rd (schools in Kc, Missouri will start in a week):

OH and dear Anon, I'm sorry that you might harbor so much anger to go from a spell check cut to a "smart ass" cut. You as many of us have many issues that we are afraid to look inwardly at. I have dealt with the death of my wife passing over in this house/home in this land that I'm not happy in except when its a gorgeous day or I'm in love. I am discovering possibly through the great catharsis of writing what gives me the greatest happiness and fulfillment in case there might be a better place to go. I love this search and the writin…


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Met patch the boxer ...hes a cool boxer! He fought Oscar De Lahoya!'''
we was chilling and conversatin!!

Oh, what a beautiful morning!..and a blurb on sensory integration dysfunction!

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Oh, what a beautiful DAY!..

Its amazing how the weather and the sun makes me feel so different day to day...not a cloud in the sky and just feeling good, waking up from a release from all the tension!
The tenant/roomate was so angry last night about using a cup of his, for bleach and I dont remember that but maybe I did it without thinking looking for an old cup to use. Bleach does not ruin an old plastic cup. It only cleans out the shit and maggots that might be growing in it! Its amazing how some people get nuts over things like that and then think that bugs flying all over a blue light in your garage leaving dead bud droppings along with mice dropings all over your king sized bed thats been moved into the garage with the bugs and Willardo's colony, is petty!! (MUffy, was that a run on sentence?)
Speaking of Willardo, I havent heard from him lately so maybe that trip to Walmart helped last week! :)

Had a couple of bowls and Im feeling slightly euph…

How to avoid anger?

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Walk out the door. That is the best way to deal with anger directed towards you. I think how can I avoid a confrontation with an emotionally disturbed and very angry student or adult. Fight or flight. Flying most times is much safer and just learning to pick your battles, whether it is with student, tenant or girlfriend!
For the sake of your emotional health and your ever compressing spinal column! :(

Back to the OKie Zone

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Its amazing how your mood changes when you wake up to a cloudy cold day with thoughts of the warm summer soon fading... I know its still better than the heat!
Muffy, says how I have this lazy type of writing with the ...
If I worry about my creative writing my thoughts will be stifled or censored so nothing will come out and then it will be constipation rather than than diarreah (2rs by the way, thanks Muffy!) of the mouth.
I told her that I can always edit it later but she says Ill lose readership when they grab the remote from you and change the channel especially if u have narcolepsy!
Muffy is going out on a date tonight and she became angry when I inquired about it. So I shouldnt feel guilty about a date either if i can find a bar before its too late to go!
I understand that Im not financially stable at the moment and not teaching. Its hard for her to understand me having this crazy idea about travelling around America and then graduall…

Some schools start this week

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Some moments, I feel speechless and others depending on the nuggets, Im "diareah" of the mouth". Muffy feels that I should edit these litte essays before I let everyone see them. I just feel that if there is editing before hand then nothing will be up there spontaneously for my readers to respond to!
Feel good that I at least have my resume out there for 5 states to look at and letting it happen like craps and a roll of the dice. I feel that if life is just a roll of craps then its best to lay the odds. Getting true odds without the house against you, you can win big. I would like to lay the odds on some publisher picking up this site and finding the essays that he or she likes and then advising me to go with it! Thats all it will take for Garvald to take that rocket.
The biggest disadvantage for taking this trek, is not a good major medical and paying sky high rates to keep my esophagus, prostate and focus in check! (prescrition…


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I sure hope all the olympics goes well with Zeus overlooking the games! Some fundamentalists mights call me a pagan for saying that but Im out of the zone sleepin in with Muffy on a gorgeous morn! Thinkin about checkin out one more year...if it werent for the numbness in my fingers from my back problems, I would feel great, but at least giving Muffy a massage helped her loosen up some or her muscle tightness and she feels better!. The muscle relaxants sure help for me and then Im gonna do some ground up ginger to put in my green but after I have cup of coffee mixed in with my favorite hot chocolate!

Muffy's Den!

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Finally rested in our bed that I had bought from a neighbor in the Arrowhead APS...I was happy to let Muffy have it or borrow it depending on whether I stay In KC or travel...or "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Bubbas" (fears of being fifty still in the OKIE Zone and apologies to Will for the quote!)

It is nice to feel welcome until you outstay it. Yes, I do have a problem of learning when to make a graceful exit from a party to some other safe {?} place either to relax or recuperate...

Arrived late last night In Lees Summit missin the outdoor concert but happy to be with someone that welcomes you and you feel at home with!

They have a lot of concerts outdoors in downtown Lees Summit and then sidewalk fairs. Last Thursday, Muffy ran after the train as Kerry, Edward and their wives were waving from the moving caboose going through Lees Summit at midnight! I was hearing her message on my cell phone when Bubba came over tryi…

Transactional Analysis (Im ok, you're ok)

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overwhelmed with procrastination!

Ok...why don't u just do it?

You become afraid that you cant accomplish the task and so what is in the steps that you dont know how to do? OK, what steps are u afraid of?

Why cant u take the trip and go ahead and just sit back and even procrastinate about getting the sleep you need!

Garvald! You would have been so successful in so many endeavors and now you're old and have a bad back so u need major medical so u need a job and so u sit there stoned worrying about ur life passing u by!

You poor pathetic loser! Why would anyone want such a man that has a bad back, laziness and this insistent desire to just ramble on instead of doing something productive!

But at least this poor pathetic loser can out talk any Bubba in a bar but hes too much of a big wimp low on the pecking order so little jr. rednecks wanna pick fights with HIM!

You are a great swimmer and ur pigging out only once a day is helping define ur newly a…

Willardo has been stealing from my stash!

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I went into my drawer to get something when my weed was all over my inside drawer...Willardo must have a great Buzz now...thats it !
Im getting a contract out on him ...and im gonna go to walmart and take this varmint thats takin over my study!

Cant we all just get along"?

Im headin back north ...only so much heat I can handle...this site has caused maybe a lttle too much controversy...ill be back for a few days and stay a hermit away from bullets and Bubbas

Im sorry if this site offended some Bubbas...buts its a free country and ones personal safety should not be at stake for free speech

sometimes, accomodating people only makes one look weak esp in middle school...maybe this site will help out some of my problems and discovering that there are easier ways to handle situations with less all around discomfort

Muffy, I cant wait to see you...sorry I procrastinated so much in getting there hopefully , well see the last of the concert together!
I need some comfort and no more angry people!

8/25 very rough draft cuz its late! its 2 weeks later and only hotter and a full moon is approaching so I need to avoid crazy angry people when its full! What day will that be??

I debated about whether to respond but I know that you (the neighbor who wrote the comment …

"Packrack City, Packrat Love"

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Sometimes, Garvald goes on these starvation diets where he really pigs out once a day. He drinkson green tea, ginger root, slippery elm, muscle relaxants and a very steady flow of cannabis amidst the very think tension between Dave (as the protective chairman)John, and Art (one of his "brothers") narcolepsy is hitting him and its only 330....he says to himself
"fuck the resume" again as eh frequently does to tasks he fears (?)
almost a paralysis of the mind..
then the protective Dr. T comes thru with his very good bedside manner having had to teach Garvald how to be gentle and caress her before thinking of only satisfying your needs!"
The Dr and Garvald have often had very different perspectives on past lovers which were then enhanced the orgasmic experience with Marijuana! they are cajoling the soul to a place where he feels safe and in love in her arms....
"Garvald , ull have a really good sleep tonight cuz u is …

La "ChupaKabra"

Check all my sites and essays! part 2 from Willardo!

Im trying to recollect all the events before and after this short intruder was caught in the act of pilfering through my belongings....
He had been doing this almost like he was stalking my home without me suspecting...I feared (I couldnt accept it) that he had been hiding upstairs in my closet of old cellulose between the rafters..

All these thoughts going thru my mind: fear, paranoia, anger, desperation at the numbers of them just continuing to invade his home and his neighborhood.
Sometimes he was afraid to walk outside for fear that one of these
animals will be giving him the stare down and one crazy brave one might lead the attack...He made sure to carry a flashlight because they were so fast and had incredible vertical leaps!
(to be continued)


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I was doing my best to keep the borders of my home and stop them from coming in...I killed off a few but then slowly by eminent domain they took over my land and my home...they were all around and then I saw him give me the stare and he wasnt afraid to continue his eye contact...then just as I was about to open up a "can of whoopass" he calmly said in a heavy accent,
"Yu wan a peecture?? It weel last longer?"
So I in my amazement at his mano- eh m___o bravado, I said
"Hey Dood! Just wait there and I'll get my camera!"

When I came back, he had vanished without a trace!
all my belongings in my rooms had been infiltrated by dirty evidence of his survilistic instincts...only going for certain items but leaving such a trail as if to say he didnt care about my home and all the effort Ive spent saving my items....

Even the bastard in his poor newly acquired language he left a note for me in his own little defiant way!
(to b…

Garvald's Home (?)

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Garvald's Home (?)
A place he's resided in, habitated in, mingled in, made love in, had parties in, and had families in for 21 of his 23 years in the land of the red clay...his "Tara" in "Gone with Garvald"
bitterness and the test of time mixed in with the bittersweet sadness of fond memories of his life here....
Rip VanGarvald wakes up 23 years later and meets VanSchtupping after having escaped the OK zone for a year.
Oklahoma and his "home" have changed more than he has.
anger is in the air.
winds are coming in strong from the south and then almost immediately bitter winds from the north with the angry vengeance of mother natures tearing up her soul
....all agitation.....
urgent anger...
...feelings coming out of this frustrating turbulence...
his home is battered from the winds of time and neglect when
he left her for a year and many other times when he was just physically present, taking her beauty for granted

Friends, Romans, Okies, lend me your comments but no death threats please!

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Suicidal Coincidences
Unrelated Bush scandals with amazing similarities


Enron - Biggest Energy Company in the World
SCI - Biggest Funeral Home Company in the World

Involves Houston business owned by GW Bush friend and campaign contributor
Involves Houston business owned by GW Bush friend and campaign contributor

Central figure and key witness in investigation dies from "apparent suicide"
Central figure and key witness in investigation dies from "apparent suicide"

Subject of investigations only after loud public outcry
Subject of investigation only after atrocities were reported in the media

Involves unanswered questions about the company's relationship with George W. Bush
Involves unanswered questions about the company's relationship with George W. Bush

Cheney won't answer questions about meetings with Enron chief
Bush ignored subpoena to testify about meetings with Funeral Ho…


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Wow! It sure would have been fun to party with Tennis Wimbledon champ, John Newcomb and George Jr! What kind of drugs did they have fun with??
AAh to go back in time and take my camcorder watchin George carouse with the Bubbas in KennyBukport!
WAIT A SECOND?? isnt that what Ted Kennedy did too a few years earlier...Rush and fellow rednecks love to make a stink about Teds drinkin!
What about George Jr....maybe he smoked a few J's when he was doin lines of coke...if hed be honest and try to legalize bud I could tolerate his hypocricy (is that the way its spelled, Harry or do u know what that word is?)

Read this and dont argue the facts!

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"I learned some good lessons from Vietnam" March, 2002
``I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war.'' January, 2002

Military Career of our Commander in Chief

Bush's DWI revelation at the end of the 2000 Presidential campaign may have been leaked to cover a much bigger scandal

On November 2, 2000, four days before the most disputed election in American history, military veterans in the US Senate lashed out at candidate George W Bush for his failure to explain a six-month lapse in his National Guard service. "At the least, I would have been court-martialed. At the least, I would have been placed in prison," Senator Daniel Inouye said.

Bush would offer no explanation for his absence and, as he had throughout the campaign, refused to discuss his military service during the Vietnam War. Why would a man who was running for the office of Commander and Chief of the US Armed Fo…

Did Bush drink and drive? What a naughty Christian boy!

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Bush acknowledges 1976 DUI charge
November 2, 2000
Web posted at: 11:00 p.m. EST (0400 GMT)

From staff and wire reports

WEST ALLIS, Wisconsin -- Texas Gov. George W. Bush acknowledged Thursday that in 1976 he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol near his parents' home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush admits that he was arrested in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol near his parents' home in Kennebunkport, Maine ( 433 K/40 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

Bush, who was 30 at the time, pleaded guilty, paid a $150 fine and his driving privileges were temporarily suspended in Maine.

Late Thursday evening, following a campaign rally in this tightly contested Midwestern state, Bush--with his wife, Laura, at his side -- told reporters news accounts of the incident were accurate, that he had been drinking in a bar with Australian tennis pro John Newcombe and others.

"I'm not proud of that. I…

"you post this derogatory bullshit to satisfy your own short commings. Pretty fucking sad"

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Wow, this is the wonderful statement of a close minded redneck that no matter what will vote for an ADD president. If my Dad was of the royal Bush family, he would make sure that the profs at least gave me c's when I went to Yale or Harvard and did the Ivy league and enjoyed the wild animal house frat life of George W for several years and continue while goin awol in the national guard. I would make sure Big Daddy Bush would help me get my honorable discharge and cover up all my cocaine snorting, and partying with the frat boys.
I would make sure my girls gone gone wild in college would be not arrested and any press about it would be hushed.

By the way, Harry, what are short commings? are they worse than long commings??
Wow, what a life growin up Bush pretendin to be a Texan from Conneticut!

Procastination as an ADD symptom

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Just had a nap before thinkin about checkin the Warr Acres night life in OKC but now its a little late so Ill write about somethin before I go back to bed and actually accomplish some things tomorrow!!
Tomorrow (makes me wanna sing Annie's song), I will taste a little "addaboy" (Muffy likes the way adderall helps me focus and start doin a lot of the stuff that needs to get done!)
I will then drink my combination green tea, cinammon stick and ginger root, eat my oatmeal, flax seed and cannabis combination(just kidding,I won't put bud in my porridge until its cheaper), go for a 10 minute swim at the local apt pool to get my heart rate above 160, and then relax in the hot tub to heal the back and neck from last thursdays tag team thumping. I will then be rejuvenated and energized enough to go start the job hunt by takin a trip to UCO in Edmond to fix my resume and put myself out there in the world as the best emotionally disturbed teache…

Margaritaville in Bethany

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Trying to find frolic in the last of summer before going back to the mundanity of work!....or travel around the country and find some major medical to cover me while on sabbatical in case some Bubba with issues does his best to send me to the hospital!

Daves wife, Steph who hates the name calling that some folks resort to but laughs at the "liberal" humor, was concerned about me visiting Bumpys tonight... u never know?...Martin luther King, Malcomb X and then Garvald all assasinated with lead from a redneck Bubba who loves Rush Limbaugh and oxycontin! Muffy was also worried that Harry might try to plug me in the alley behind Bumpys! Steve, my most favorite bartender, is workin but theres only so much he can do to cut the negative redneck vibes and uncontrolled testosterone for a place. But who will pay my emergency visit for the slam down tag team neck breaking duo of Bumpys??

Gettin my swim in for somethin productive today beside educating Bu…


IM so happy! Bubbas have finally found my site?...I suppose I better fly to Australia before Harry and his south side Mafia get serious about burnin a cross in my front yard!..wonderin about visitin Bumpys but my cool Republican neighbor who enjoy the openminded thinkin created by this wonderful plant has invited me for some Brbecue chicken!...
think about smokin some,Harry, before u end up with a stroke over a dumb president!

wow!!a few years later, how prophetic was this gentleman's comment:

"Hey, I don't know how I found your site. I googled "what if god smoked cannabis" trying to find out who actually wrote & produced that song.I can sort of tell that you live in Oklahoma. I used to live in OKC and I went to Seattle seeking political asylum. I can tell you, if you want to go someplace that is better than where you are now, go to the pacific NW. From Northern Cali to Western Canada, it is a world of difference from the prejudiced and backwards south. Just my…

Butterfly kisses to Bubbas

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Watchin the republican corporation news right!!,,,,Ladies, germs and rednecks....when will the KKK come visiting my yard?

Its amazing how politics can make some people so angry and filled with hate here in Bubbaland, Iraq,etc. ....Heck weve only had civilization 10-20 thousand years...Bubbas thrived when they could knock someone over when they werent lookin to make a Neanderthal point...
Now the caveman's ancestors have bullets instead of bats...have we devolved??


Well, I start off with a title and now I gotta write somethin with purposely poor English so Ill appeal to grammatically incorrect blokes that vote for ADD presidents that love to say Nucular (nuclear) or ideal instead of idea. How many people in this state know the difference between and Ideal and an idea?

So , Im havin this great convesation with a triathlete who Im gonna teach how to swim when I was rudely interrupted by 2 Bubbas suffering from being brainwashed by Rush (the Oxycontin drug rep on the radio) for 20 years angry that I should have this site and told me, "why the fuck dont u leave, If u dont like it?"
Im trying to and that why Im writing about this process of leaving this state of Bubba love! But I told them to look on the website and leave a comment instead of comin by my place and
"openin up another can of Whoopass!" (sound familiar? tag team wrestling at lumpomania!)
But dont republican rednecks believe in Democracy?
This state suffers the…

Butterfly kisses become butterfly waves

I had broken into the old deserted two story fibromansion as a 9 year old child with the tempation of those large Green coke bottles..They would bring enough for two toy soldier and ice cream... Because of that little incident, you created a future home.. Your parents bought the deserted house perched on top of the dunes and because of your brother's keen awareness of Greek Architecture, "Why not name it, "The Parthenon!" Your curious eyes looked into the future and explored...

Now 42 years later , you have inherited your magical place in OZ! Did you ever think that you wouldn't have been by the beach right now if it were not for your desire for adventure!

Butterfly effect or not???
Sometimes you wonder if u could go back in time...
so many things you could have done differently!....
So you wander aimlessly looking for a place to settle down...

Will you find your Oz??
In search of what ??
....comfort, satisfaction, lost loves to be regained?? would it have been if you …


It's Sunday and Im still very sore especially in my shoulders and neck from being the victim of the tag team wrestlers taking turns to do body slams on me. It especially hurt tryin to play volleyball in the pool yesterday. My arms felt like lead.

Its a reality check about how serious it could have been as far as my head banging against the Bar when Bubba body slammed me against the bar and the floor! I keep thinking how I could exited the pub without him attacking me especially when I asked for help from security!

I have a good mind to call some tv stations and the newspaper ("The Daily Disappointment") about how some bartenders and some folks think they can get away with almost killing customers or maiming them for them for life. Its like one loses all rights when hes had some drinks and the bartender or redneck can do what he wants because you provoked him the way you were staring at him! The police would not let me file a report. The cop's first question…


Happy Bday, Ronnie! He is 51 today! God, that is old! (lOL)
(and now looking back, Im just 53...seeing those grey/white hairs come out of tanned head as they grow back after being shaved....
Reluctant to call him cuz Im embarassed in a way about jobs...

Early this Am after carousing in pubs where most are less than half my age, I decided to write a little about this amazing dog walking on two legs like a first I thought that it was some sort of paralyzed child and then realized that she was a dog that learned to do that because she was born without front feet and was taught how to walk! Everbody at the apt pool was staring at this amazingly smart and almost human dog! Her expressions were amazingly anthropomorphic. Her name is "Faith" and she has given me hope and not to be always feeling sorry for myself and my situation and then get this kind of Edgar Allen Poe depression where at least I'll enjoy writing about the misery ! :)

Wanna Picture???

After chatting with Bumpy's owner, I feel better about the establishment takin care of business. On a serious note, they could have prevented this fight from happening when I warned them that Bubba was on the warpath ...why do so many young testoterones get in the stare routine and get upset when u ask if they "wanna picture, it will last longer!"?

Bumpy's Bar and ass kicking pub

I've been back in the Okie Zone for only 2 nights and a Jr. testosterone wants to fight me for staring at him. He was acting like he was part of the Bumpy's staff and every time I looked his way he was glaring at me even though I didn't even know him personally as if he just happened to be in my fan club (sarcasm). I tried to be nice when I was going by the door with his glare but he said that he didn't like me and ANGRILY asked why I was staring at him? I told him that I couldn't help notice him glaring at me so he asked me not to stare at him. I just walked away from a bloke with a lot of issues and seeming to want to take them out on me. So I go outside to the patio and then later he comes out wanting to fight me because I was looking at him through the window. I was on the cell phone and talking to some friends when he started calling me a "mother fucker" and a "poet". I ignored him as much as I could but said I was flattered about bei…

Kansas city pub swim verses swimmin in OKC

Muffy is too embarrassed to let her friends know that Ive started this crazy website! Im learning as I progress with this site. Ive been thinking that I need to get a laptop, camcorder, and travel around the states instead of going back to teaching. But then I wont have major medical and its 5x as much to get Adderall 111$ verses 25$ with the major medical. We call Adderall "Addaboy) cuz Muffy sees the difference in my eyes and my energy level. When I don't take it, I just wanna sit around watching TV and writing. But I'm getting down to a few pills that I've left in different bottles, in case I misplace them (losing things is very common with ADD). In order to make it last I break open the pill and get some of these micro grains to give me a burst of energy and motivation! These micro grains are time released. Some would judge a teacher for doing something like this as wrong but it works!

Now that Ive had that I decided to devote some of this site to pubs and restaur…