Well.. I wrote a bunch and self censored 🤬 it... my words get me in trouble..
 fortunately I’m not Khashoggi and have stay away from Arabian embassies for fear of being cut up into little pieces...
 I got a mean stare from trailer trash man who eavesdrops from his old trailer permanently parked next door... he is always out there trying to hear the local gossip opening up the doors 🚪 everyday to the van.
Never get over the old bloke coming to court to help conman builder.. deciding to talk about my behavior at small claims court when the case was about the crook owing 5000 $ of work
The judge shut him up before he even opened his mouth,


Seriously... I’m  noticing time just continue to accelerate...I’m having my morning poop and then I’m falling asleep to Stephen Cole bear.
Thanksgiving   Christmas  🎄 Easter  🐣 the times that I really need to connect with my family and my friends. I feel so guilty about so many things and then worry about other people‘s judgment even worry about with my new friend will think. Am I wanting friendship so badly ...I wish that we could’ve had that marvelously creative weekend. And maybe there’s a chance that we can do it God willing or infinity willing. Thanksgiving Christmas these are the times that are hard. But at least I got to have fun trick-or-treating with my son.I still have not been able to forgive myself for really thinking that I’m a loser. Then an ex-girlfriend called me pathetic. I’ve had two thanksgivings by myself. Two Christmases by myself. It finally now Angela and the whole exclan are giving up Christmas. So will you meet need to make it this a lot of fun and have …

I do my most productive work in my bathroom library 📚

I was digressing I suppose and reminiscing about  my visit to the Rez... and the year with Steve in tohatchi I discussed about this bloke , Jesus in a Harley... the play we produced with Steve’s help... how this charismatic bloke with faux hippy appearances, took over this town with the deftness of a “Jedi warrior “(when he bragged about himself)... Steve and I had a party one , only time ,and  he came over to tell us to turn down music in his attempt to shut down his party... he hwosted his own parties with his young elite peace Corp group... likeTrump, a legend in his own mind... Mayor Gripka of Tohatchi..

Leigh Anne and Crowmac... can you look at my rough drafts and tell me which posts are best...

My audience..?  InI sure look ike an old 🎅 c

Please Lord, help me find my wallet!

Well, the party never happened. My friend in LA is going through a lot of stuff. My friend Crowmac, was willing but I wanted the three of us to be together and just start writing. To figure out a way to get the stuff published.
I’m kind of jealous or envious .those words are interchangeable. This guy , something Segel was just on the view. Apparently he’s a successful movie actor but then he suddenly decides to write some science books , at the age of 33. I would love to see his incubation period and the steps to where he finally put it together!. It would be wonderful to see him in action and where he disciplines himself to write...He was motivated by an Xgf who dumped him after telling him from airport she “needed to talk”Do you answer the door naked and then put on some clothes that were horrible to make the break up even more painful. He did not get over her for 10 years. I think I just got over an ex girlfriend from 17 years ago. I believe I’m finally over her... I’m afraid to …
Happy Thanksgiving day. knowing that my ex wife and son are enjoying Thanksgiving with the X in-laws.?
I enjoy people sometimes...but many x prefer being alone..hurt so many x for being different... and doing things the other..
 Why worry. I know things will get better. The hardest obstacles are ahead of us and I really want to enjoy this time ..
I was hoping to go to Kansas City with my old infinity but for some reason I cannot find my wallet. I really hate when I lose shit. I have so many things to do but I suppose this week I’ll just relax watch TV and enjoy this state of vegetation and hibernation.

 I work her all week and wish that I could just hang out more with my son. There are so many things that I have to do. ...
Continue this and I'm sure I will get Strife from some of those that dislike me or aspects of the way I care for my home and family... People love to talk crap!   And more so with divider in chief..